Manila on stage with Journey

Touring with a rock band is everyone’s adolescent dream, the screaming fans stadiums packed full of eager faces.  What became apparent is the sacrifices that these performers and their support staff make to put these shows on.  The story of Neal Schon’s discovery of Arnel Pineda is an amazing testament to the perseverance of dreams.  I’ve been involved with this project for over a year, please check out the trailer on the site and give to the cause.

San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival – Woman on the Street

CAAM presented the 2010 San Francisco Asian American Film Festival in March of this year.  Over the years they’ve asked me to shoot various things for them here is a selection of videos presented on their site. Check out their Youtube page as Well.

STINK, in the eye of the beholder


Barrio Fiesta, Durian

Durian is the litmus test of the culinarily brave.  Andrew Zimmern couldn’t stomach it and truthfully most people cannot stomach it, including Ramona, director of a documentary about Journey, the band, that we’re shooting right now in the Philippines. I don’t give the “acquired taste” defense much credence—you only live once, you gots to try everything at least once.  Vicente Franco is a living testament to the healing regenerative powers of durian.  Complaining of cold symptoms for 2 days coupled with a runny nose, the cure came on day 3 when durian made it’s way to the crew lunch at Barrio Fiesta in Manila. Pictures of Balut will be forthcoming.

Welcome! And we are speeding…

Working in production is kind of like summer school and summer camp rolled into one—a truly educational, transformative and collaborative effort. On this page, I’ll try to give you a sense of the people, places and perspectives I’m currently discovering. Please refer to the camera, sound and design pages for  respective crewing information. I can be reached at (415) 948-7293.