“History is not the past. It is the present. We carry our history with us. We are our history. If we pretend otherwise, we are literally criminals.” – James Baldwin

Upon the writing of this post the jury in the Chauvin trial is in sequestered deliberation. Often folks in reference to the trial have referred to it as the George Floyd trial. A common misnomer very casually reiterated because the defense have done all they could to defame the character of George Floyd taking the time tested tactic of blaming there victim. The prosecution have said that the policing system is not on trial, but clearly it should be. James Baldwin’s quote is embodied in the video that the New York Times has just released.

It was amazing to work with Mama Clark and her family as well as Ms Wanda and her Mom. Please consider donating to their foundations.

I Am Sac Foundation

Oscar Grant Foundation

In Love With a Problem

CBC Documentary just released a short Directed by Julie Kim that I had an opportunity to contribute to as a location sound operator:

This was actually the second time I had the pleasure of working with Miranda and Jeanny. The first being when they were profiled for the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Miranda and Jeanny’s start up rebranded as Novoloop, have inventing a method of recycling plastics that have previously been sent to landfill.

Luke Seerveld of Meet the Gaffer documented the set at the lab that day.

DON’T LOSE YOUR SOUL – Mother’s Day Broadcast on KQED

Attention Bay Area PBS viewers, check out the latest short Doc I completed with K Pacific collaborator Chihiro Wimbush.  DON’T LOSE YOUR SOUL, is about Anthony Brown and Mark Izu, seminal figures in the Asian American Jazz movement.  Premiering on KQED, channel 9 in HD on Mother’s Day May 13th at 11pm as well as on the14th at 5am if you happen to be up that early or winding down your Sunday night mother’s day binge drinking.

A DVD of film was offered as a pledge premium during APEX EXPRESS’ KPFA Spring Fund Drive, SUPPORT KPFA AND INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY SPONSORED MEDIA.  Check out Anthony and Mark’s interview here:


JAKE SHIMABUKURO: Life on Four Strings – World premiere

UPDATED 5/10/2012
JAKE SHIMABUKURU: LIFE ON FOUR STRINGS made it’s world premiere at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival on March 14th, 2012.  Jake played a special set after the screening, which included Jakes Mother and brother, with some difficulty as Jake was quite choked up after the screening, which feels like a measure of success if you can get your subject to cry on stage after seeing a film about himself.  He professed that the doc communicated things to his family that he rarely is ever able to verbalize directly.  Congratulations to the CENTER FOR ASIAN AMERICAN MEDIA, Donald Young and Tad Nakamura, the world premiere was the culmination of 2 years of work put in, I served as the primary shooter.  The film is slated to air on the National PBS schedule, winter of 2013.  Jake’s story & music will be presented to new audiences, potentially reaching millions of Americans across the country.


If you don’t know Jake Shimabukuro, you will shortly.  Simply one of the most engaging solo musical virtuosos on the stage today.  Taking a simple four string instrument, the Ukulele to the most complex and sublime heights.  I have served as a contributing Cinematographer on this long form documentary forthcoming in 2011.  The production has taken us to both coasts of the US, Hawaii and Japan.

DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ lauches crowd sourcing via Indie GoGo

Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey, has officially entered into editorial phase.  Editing a film is a lot of work and requires dinero.  Be a part of manifesting this film, make a contribution.  The Democratization of Venture Capitol is the newest innovation in viral marketing.  It’s time for the public to vote with their resources.  Click on the logo to learn more about the film.


DP: Vicente Franco films Arnel, walking down the street in Olongapo

American Idiot, Green Day Musical

After a successful and extended run at Berkeley Rep, American Idiot looks Broadway bound.  Producer Director extraordinaire Doug Hamilton brought together an Academy recognized crew to document the behind the scenes action around the musical and their recording sessions.  I was just a small part of the action offering my location sound services for a number of days.