On The Road

As promised, the duck egg delight of the Philippines, Balut.  Promising vitality and high protein content, Balut is probably best warm but we settled for room temp.  Tastes like an egg but the texture is always what brings us back.






Barrio Fiesta, Durian

Durian is the litmus test of the culinarily brave.  Andrew Zimmern couldn’t stomach it and truthfully most people cannot stomach it, including Ramona, director of a documentary about Journey, the band, that we’re shooting right now in the Philippines. I don’t give the “acquired taste” defense much credence—you only live once, you gots to try everything at least once.  Vicente Franco is a living testament to the healing regenerative powers of durian.  Complaining of cold symptoms for 2 days coupled with a runny nose, the cure came on day 3 when durian made it’s way to the crew lunch at Barrio Fiesta in Manila. Pictures of Balut will be forthcoming.